In the coffee industry, types of coffee can be classified based on various factors.

One division is based on the type of coffee bean and one division is based on the brewing method.

انواع قهوه

انواع قهوه

Types of coffee beans

Coffee beans are generally divided into three types of Arabica, Robusta and Liberica,

which is about 98% of the coffee consumed in the world is Arabica and Robusta.

Arabica coffee is a species that grows at altitudes above 800 meters to 2000 meters above sea level

and has less resistance to pests than other types of coffee.

Arabica coffee has less caffeine than other types and due to its unique flavors in different regions,

it has a better quality in the cup and therefore has a higher price.

Unlike Arabica, Robusta coffee grows in the hand and up to 800 meters above sea level,

and due to its high level of caffeine, it has a higher resistance to pests,

and due to its lower quality than Arabica, it has a lower price. Is.

Liberica coffee, however, is very rare due to its production volume,

which accounts for only about 2% of world sales, and is of moderate quality in the cup.

In the meantime, each of these species is different based on the region in which they

are cultivated and express their unique flavors.

For example, Jamaican Blumantine Coffee, Gisha Panama Coffee, Bourbon Coffee,

Colombia Narino Coffee, Jurgachev Coffee, Sidamo Coffee and Ethiopian Limu Coffee are especially popular.

Names of types of coffee

Another division of coffee is based on the type of coffee brewing method that many of us are familiar with.

In general, this division is divided into espresso coffee, Turkish coffee, French coffee or filter coffee, brewed coffee,

and different types of coffee are named as subsets of these types.

Espresso coffee has many sub-branches and many drinks are made based on it,

such as Americano, latte coffee, cappuccino, afogato and …

Preparation of espresso coffee requires an espresso machine that is extracted based

on water pressure and the passage of water through the ground coffee.

In the meantime, many people consider brewed coffee with gas maker or mokapat as espresso coffee,

which is a wrong idea and is made with espresso coffee,

which is based on the direct pressure of water on coffee.

Turkish coffee is a traditional coffee in the Middle East that is brewed in a different way and for

it, brewed coffee called Jazwa is used and coffee is dissolved and prepared in water.

French coffee or filter coffee is also called a kind of brewed coffee that if it is prepared with a filter coffee machine,

you will have a coffee with more volume and higher wind, and if you prepare it with a French press,

the coffee will be brewed by immersion method.

Brewed coffees, which are also known as third wave coffees these days,

are made by different methods such as brewing coffee with Comax, V60, Siphon, Europress, etc.

The point to be noted is that each of these divisions based on the brewing method requires precision and knowledge of the degree of grinding.

However, in general, the mill grades can be identified as follows.

Turkish coffee: very fine grade or in the form of flour

Espresso coffee: fine grind grade

Coffee with Mokapat machine or Rogazi coffee maker: medium to fine

French coffee with filter device: Medium

Brewed coffee: Medium

French Coffee with French Press: Coarse

Types of cold coffee

Cold coffee is especially popular among coffees, especially in the hot season;

But for this type of coffee, they are generally divided into two categories. Cold brewed coffee or ice coffees.

To prepare cold brewed coffee, brewing should be done according to the room temperature

and it takes about 12 to 24 hours and the coffee is brewed without applying heat.

In ice coffees, coffee is first extracted in the various ways mentioned above

and then cooled with ice and milk.

Types of brewed coffee

Brewed or filtered coffees are brewed in different ways and they are also called third wave coffees.

In filter coffees, the brewing method requires skill and practice.

Siphon coffee maker: Brewing coffee with Siphon is one of the types of brewed coffee in which due to the heat of the water in the bottom pot,

it moves upwards and passes through the filter and coffee and in the upper water tank.

And the coffee is immersed and after removing the heat source from the lower tank of coffee that is in the upper tank is transferred to the bottom.

Kemaks coffee maker: Brewing coffee with Kemaks is another type of brewed coffee that is also known as a work of art of the century due to its appearance.

In brewing coffee with commas, first a paper filter is placed in the mouth of the commas and the ground coffee is poured into the filter

and poured on the coffee in a circular motion using a goose mouth kettle or water kettle.

Brewed coffees are also known as interactive coffees because

of the brewing methods and how long this brewing process takes, and the aroma and flavor of the coffee are extracted.

Types of brewed coffee

Types of coffee makers or coffee makers also have their own divisions based on which the type of coffee is determined.

Home espresso machine, semi-automatic and automatic industrial espresso machines, mokapat or rogazi coffee maker, cracker or jabru coffee maker,

french press, europress, comax, siphon, V60, quality wave are just some of the coffee makers that can You can make attractive and different coffees with them.

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