Espresso is a type of coffee drink that is undoubtedly the most famous in the world,

and many other coffee-based beverages are made from it.

Espresso has Italian roots and refers to a quick drink.

The purpose of espresso is to speed up the brewing, which gives you a strong drink in a few seconds.

The speed of brewing and espresso has been the same all these years,

and in general it refers to the rapid passage of hot water through the

coffee beans and the rapid extraction.


Espresso coffee ingredients

There are different types of espresso coffee and it is also used in different drinks.

Espresso is actually the main base of many coffee drinks and desserts,

which has taken on different names with the addition of other ingredients.

From Americano coffee, which is made from a combination of boiling water and espresso coffee,

to latte or cappuccino coffee, which is made from a combination of coffee, milk and milk foam.

What is double espresso?

Double espresso is the same as single espresso coffee,

but with the difference that twice as much as regular espresso,

ground coffee is placed in a portafilter basket and extracted.

In fact, double espresso is double espresso in one cup.

Espresso cream

One of the ways to recognize excellent espresso coffee is the amount

and color of cream espresso or cream on it.

The colored brick layer on top of the espresso coffee is actually the

fat extracted from the ground coffee beans, which indicates the quality of an espresso coffee.

But it is important to note that karma espresso is different in different types of coffee.

Arabica coffees give lighter and less cream in espresso coffee,

and darker and more cream in Robusta coffees.

As mentioned, normal and quality espresso coffee should have a

brick-colored cream and one hand so that we can say that we have a quality espresso coffee in terms of cream.

What is an espresso machine?

An espresso machine is a device that, based on a process,

passes boiling water at a pressure of 9 bar or more through a coffee grinder in a portafilter.

There are different types of espresso machines, from home models to manual,

semi-automatic and automatic industrial models.

How to make espresso coffee

The method of making espresso coffee in different espresso instruments is generally fixed

and the only difference lies in the art and skill of the barista.

To prepare an espresso, you must first grind the coffee beans with the appropriate degree of espresso.

The degree of espresso mill is very small because it must be extracted in the shortest time.

After grinding the coffee, put it in a portafilter basket and as

a standard 8 grams of ground coffee should be used for a normal espresso.

After this, it is time to temper or squeeze the espresso coffee in the portafilter.

This temper compresses the ground coffee to allow hot water to pass through the coffee and extract.

Then lock the portafilter in place on the espresso machine and turn on the machine.

After heating the machine and pressing the coffee extraction button,

hot water enters the portafilter from the device’s tank

and passes through it with the pressure it exerts on the coffee surface and extraction takes place.

Types of espresso coffee

Espresso coffee is divided into three general categories:

Single espresso coffee or regular espresso that uses 8 grams of coffee

and gives a volume of about 30 grams of coffee.

Lango espresso coffee, which is one and a half times that of a regular coffee,

uses 12 grams of coffee, and the extracted drink is about 45 grams.

Double espresso coffee, which is twice as much as regular espresso coffee

and has a volume of 60 grams, and uses 16 grams of ground coffee.

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