Espresso coffee is undoubtedly the most widely consumed beverage among coffees; Whether it is drunk alone or when it is the basis and part of another drink.

The birthplace of espresso is Italy and today it has become part of Italian culture because the first espresso machines were made in this country for the first time.

The philosophy behind the formation of espresso can be summed up in one word: speed.

Among the various methods of brewing espresso coffee, it is prepared in just a few seconds, and that is why espresso coffee is the coffee of the century and the coffee of speed.

قهوه اسپرسو

قهوه اسپرسو

Espresso coffee ingredients

Espresso coffee is generally made up of water and coffee, but the same coffee with other additives such as water, milk and other additives finds other names that many of us have heard or tried, such as Americano, cappuccino, latte. And many other drinks.

In fact, espresso coffee is the basis of many coffee-based beverages.

How to make espresso coffee on gas

One way to make espresso coffee on gas is to brew coffee with a gas coffee maker or mocapat.

Here are the steps to prepare espresso coffee on gas:

First, pour hot or cold water in the lower part of the coffee maker until it is lower than the valve of the lower chamber of the mokapat.

Then we put the freshly ground coffee in the coffee maker basket.

Creative espresso coffee or espresso maker Here we do not need to temper or squeeze the coffee.

The coffee grinder should also be larger than normal espresso coffee for espresso machines.

Then we put the basket containing coffee in its place and on the lower compartment of the coffee maker and we screw and tighten the upper tank of the coffee maker on the gas in which the brewed coffee is placed and put it on the gas.

After heating the water in the lower chamber, it goes up in the form of steam and passes through the coffee in the basket, and the coffee extract is transferred to the upper chamber through the middle tube.

How to make espresso coffee

How to make espresso coffee with espresso machines is different from making espresso on gas. To do this, you first need an espresso machine.

There are different types of espresso machines, from home espresso machines to industrial and automatic espresso machines.

How to make espresso coffee with an espresso machine is a bit more complicated, but the general process is the same. To brew espresso coffee or espresso machine, we must first grind the coffee beans.

It is recommended to grind the coffee just before brewing the coffee so that the aroma and taste of espresso coffee do not disappear or diminish.

After grinding the coffee with a suitable grade (fine grade is recommended for espresso coffee), we put it in a portafilter basket and temper or squeeze it using a temper.

This is done so that the water with the pressure that it puts on the coffee to pass through it is done more slowly and the coffee is extracted properly.

After tempering the coffee, put the portafilter in place and press the start button to brew the coffee.

What are the properties of espresso coffee?

Coffee in general and espresso coffee in particular have numerous properties for the human body due to the presence of caffeine and antioxidants.

Burning fat and increasing the body’s metabolism, increasing alertness, feeling refreshed on the one hand and therapeutic and medical properties such as preventing and reducing cancer and improving heart function, reducing Alzheimer’s disease on the other hand are just a small part of the countless properties of coffee.

Benefits of espresso coffee for men

As mentioned, espresso coffee has numerous properties and benefits for humans.

The benefits of espresso coffee for men include a reduction in prostate cancer, which is very common among middle-aged men, and drinking coffee daily can prevent the disease.

Espresso coffee mousse with mocapat

The formation of espresso coffee foam or espresso coffee by Mokapat is not completely possible because karma or espresso coffee foam due to the water pressure created by espresso machine by espresso machine, which is actually the fat in coffee.

Is. In brewing espresso coffee with mocapat or gas coffee maker, these fats are not completely extracted.

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