Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world, which in addition to the pleasure of drinking coffee, also has many properties for the body.

Coffee along with water and tea is one of the most consumed beverages in the world.



What is coffee?

Coffee bean is a coffee plant that is grown in certain parts of the world around the equator,

known as the coffee belt.

The fruit of the coffee tree is harvested after flowering and ripening, which resembles a cherry.

In each coffee cherry, there are naturally two coffee beans,

which after separating the skin,

enter the market as a green or unroasted coffee in different ways,

such as natural method, washing and honey.

After this stage, it is time to roast the coffee.

After roasting, green coffee beans turn into brown beans that we are familiar with.

Roasted coffee beans are then brewed and used in different ways after grinding.

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قهوه چیست

Types of coffee

There are several types of coffee, two of which are the most consumed in the world:

Arabica coffee and Robusta coffee.

You may already be familiar with the terms espresso, Turkish coffee, French coffee,

or brewed coffee,

but these names only refer to the type of coffee brewing, the method of preparation of the drink,

and the degree of grinding of the coffee.

Arabica coffee, known as high-quality coffee, has less caffeine than Robusta coffee,

which means it tastes more sour than bitter.

The bitterness of coffee is more dependent on the amount of caffeine in the coffee,

which is why Robusta coffees are more bitter than other types of coffee.

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انواع قهوه

Buy coffee

There are many things to consider when buying coffee. One of these points is novelty.

To buy coffee, it is better to pay attention to the roasting date or the date of roasting the coffee,

which is not more than 10 to 15 days have passed.

This time, known as the coffee break time, is due to the degassing of the coffee.

After roasting, coffee needs to stay for a few days to remove the carbon dioxide from roasting coffee.

Freshly roasted coffee has a very strong flavor.

Another thing to consider is the coffee grinder.

Coffee loses its flavor quickly after grinding,

and it is recommended that you grind the coffee before brewing.

If you prepare coffee in a ground form, be sure to pay attention to the date of grinding it, which is freshly ground.

The best time to drink coffee

The best time to drink coffee is directly related to the caffeine in coffee.

High-caffeine coffees are good for morning coffee to help you stay alert and focused,

and low-caffeine or decaffeinated Arabica coffees are great for the last hours of the day.

For exercise time, it is also recommended to drink coffee half an hour before the start

of exercise to keep the metabolism and fat burning body in excellent condition.

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The benefits of coffee for men

The benefits of coffee for men and women, in addition to its benefits for alertness and metabolism,

also have many medical and therapeutic benefits.

Improving heart and liver function, reducing the risk of liver and colon cancer,

reducing the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease and gout in the elderly are just some

of the benefits of coffee for men.

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The price of coffee

The price of coffee depends on its type. Due to its higher quality,

Arabica coffee has a higher price than Robusta coffee,

and the coffee you buy has a higher price than the amount of Arabica coffee.

On the other hand, the price of coffee also depends on the country of production.

Coffees such as Jamaican Coffee, Ethiopian yirgacheffe Coffee,

Colombia Narino Coffee, Ethiopian Sidamo

Coffee are more expensive than other coffees depending

on the type of coffee and the country of production and single-origin coffee.

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